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Complete body-mind fitness at hOMe

OM Body is an intelligent, strategic plan for complete body/mind wellness. Live and on-demand classes easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

The 3-step OM Body Method, created by Dana Rae Paré, is designed for optimum results:

  • A strong, lean, energized body
  • A calm, clear, happy mind

I was sore, but HAPPY!
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What makes this system so effective?

A synthesis of traditional yoga, the science of fitness and 20+ years teaching and personal training worldwide, Dana’s system delivers a series of techniques that bring you proven results.

You’ll learn how to fine-tune your alignment, creating self-confidence and empowerment through movement.

The 3-Step OM Body Method gives you the tools you need for a healthy and fit lifestyle and leads to a positive connection with yourself.

Step 1 - Create EMPOWER

High-energy intervals merging fitness and yoga. Boost your metabolism, build strength and burn calories during and after class.

Step 2 - Maintain RESET

Intentional low-intensity authentic yoga sequences create a moving meditation. Align, refine and sculpt muscles while calming your mind.

Step 3 - Recover RESTORE

Deeply restorative dancer stretches combined with mind-calming breathing techniques. Increase flexibility, decrease muscle soreness and create more freedom of movement in your body.

I’m so fit!
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How do I begin?

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