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Testimonials What people are saying

"It's all about the results!"

Rose C Testimonial on OM Body

…the core work has made a big difference…

I established a daily rhythm with your first online classes in March 2020. Since then I’ve taken 100’s of classes. I’ve lost weight, improved my yoga practice, got really strong in my core and kept my sanity. No matter how stressed my work day is, I make it a priority to un-roll my mat. Thank you for the OM Body connection.

Rose C.
School Principal and mother of 3.

"I'm so thankful to OM Body for keeping me happy and healthy."

Amanda J Testimonial on OM Body

I’ve always been a person who needed a gym or studio to keep me on track when it comes to fitness, so you can imagine how surprised I was to find an on-line program that keeps me motivated. Yet I shouldn’t have been surprised: keeping people motivated is what Dana does best!

I found so many advantages to the online format. I’ve been blown away by the results and I’ve even been able to exercise MORE since I can do so on my own schedule. The flexibility of Live and On-Demand classes has been key in making it a fun part of my daily routine.

I’m so thankful to OM Body for keeping me happy and healthy.

Amanda J.
Working on her PhD while living in Costa Rica, Barcelona, Florence & New Orleans.

"After class I feel less anxious and more energized."

Kristen S Testimonial on OM Body

OM Body has been an essential part of my weekly routine. WFH, I’ve faced a lot of physical and mental challenges. I started taking OM Body’s classes and it’s amazing how much each one continues to challenge both my body and my mind. These classes provide me with everything I need to get me through the day.

After I take a class I feel less anxious and more energized. My body feels stronger and I’m more flexible than I have ever been. I really appreciate the focus on opening up the body and improving posture while still focusing on strength and endurance. My body feels better than it’s ever felt and I’m so thankful to have this program to get me through these unprecedented times.

Kristin S.
Animal lover, fitness enthusiast and criminal justice investigator.

"It's literally my only ME TIME"

I’m so thankful for what you’re doing online. It’s literally my only ‘me time’. I look forward to taking as many classes as I can. It’s great to see your face, hear your voice and know that I’m still getting the best instruction available.

Leanne F.
Marine biologist and mom.

"Thank you for being there with your enthusiasm"

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I’m enjoying your program. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about it: the sequencing, the accessibility, playbacks, the aerobic quality – it’s even helping my central nervous system.

Thank you for being there everyday with your enthusiasm.

Nerissa T.
Yoga instructor and busy mom.

"The replay option has been a difference maker for me to stay healthy and safe."

I can’t express how grateful I am for the virtual opportunity to practice yoga with you you from 3,00 miles away in DC. I’m reliant on the 24 hour replays. The replay option has been a difference maker for me to stay healthy and safe. 

We are all benefitting from your out-of-the-box thinking and business acumen.

Eryn A.

"...a feeling of empowerment and strength."

OM Body has given me a huge sense of accomplishment as well as a feeling of empowerment and strength. I look forward to the live classes everyday.

Iris S.

"Dana's clear use of language, devoid of any ambiguity, is designed to make everyone feel at ease."

I appreciate Dana’s clear use of language, devoid of any ambiguity, designed to make everyone feel at ease. She embodies these principles in all her classes.


This is the best thing that happened since we got the 'Stay at Home' order"

Michelle R.

"Dana's classes teach, motivate and always leave you growing"