Fix Your Posture Dana Rae Paré

Slouchy shoulders? Daily laptop hunching? Try these 4-simple techniques.

We've Got Your Back

We've Got Your Back

Poor posture can have a negative effect on your health and your appearance. Daily hunching and slumping can lead to back and neck issues, stress on shoulder joints plus drain your energy. 

To effectively improve your posture it’s important to stretch your shoulders as well as strengthen your back and core. My 4-step posture improving sequence is inspired by traditional yoga postures. Here’s a few reasons why you should try it…

Posture Improving Benefits

  • stronger back muscles
  • less back pain
  • more shoulder flexibility
  • better digestion
  • more energy
  • look taller, leaner, younger

Posture Improving Sequence

Watch the video and follow along. For best results, read below for alignment details and action of each movement. 

Wide leg forward bend – grab a towel and place behind your back with palms facing buttocks. Step feet out to a wide stance, toes facing forward. Slowly bend forward raising arms overhead. Keep elbows straight, bend knees if pain in lower back or hamstrings. Take 8-slow deep breaths.

Warrior shoulder healer – step right foot forward into lunge with left heel up. Lock elbows at ribcage with palms up, lift chest. Take hands out to side keeping elbows locked in. Squeeze shoulder blades. 8-10x, repeat left. Breathe deeply into chest, exhale squeezing shoulder blades.

Fierce shoulders – feet together, bend knees, stick buttocks out, lift chest, keep natural curve in spine. Extend arms overhead, shoulder distance apart, draw elbows down to center of spine. Reach and squeeze 8-10x. Breathe deeply into chest on extension, exhale on contraction.

Flying locust – lie prone on ground, feet hip width apart. Place forehead on ground, bring arms in by ribs with hands 8-inches out from shoulders. Press pelvis into ground, squeeze buttocks and lift legs 4-inches from ground. Lift hands and head keeping neck aligned. Squeeze and release back muscles bringing elbows towards center of spine. 8-10x exhale on squeeze.

Repeat all of the above 1-more time.

Try this sequence several times a week, consistency is key.

Improve your posture and increase your energy, it works!