The Sunshine Vitamin Dana Rae Paré

Get your happy on.

Light and Bright

Light and Bright

Are you getting your daily dose of Vitamin D?

If you need motivation to move your body or inspiration to be creative, look towards the light. Head outside and get your happy on.

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin. Here are 3-positive benefits.

3- Benefits of Vitamin D

  • reduces anxiety and depression
  •  aids in weight loss, suppressing appetite when combined with calcium
  • helps in fighting heart disease and flu
Look Towards The Light

Look Towards The Light

If you lather up with sunblock like I do, you will probably still need a Vitamin D supplement, but its nice to get outside and feel that golden light on your skin.

It doesn’t have to be a hike up a mountain or a trip to the beach. A balcony, patio or even sitting by a sunny window will do. Pausing a few moments each day to breathe and literally lighten up!

Consciously pausing, getting light, allowing your mind and muscles to relax even for few seconds adds up. You’ll be happier, healthier and lead a more productive life.

Find a sunny spot, sit in a relaxed position, face the light, take 5-breaths, breathing slowing and deeply. 5-slow breaths is about 45-seconds. Don’t you have 45-seconds to lighten up? Try it.

Take care of you today!